We can transfer your existing *Naomi, **Tri-Force & Chihiro software to our Flash system
This is ideal for replacing your existing damaged/faulty storage media be it GD-Rom, cartridge or NAND flash.


Some of the common titles we are asked to transfer are:


Mario Kart GP Arcade 2 (Tri-Force Type 3)
House Of The Dead 3 (Chihiro Type 3 only)
Outrun 2
Ghost Squad
Initial D3
Virtua Cop 3
Maximum Tune 2

We have many of the common kits listed in our Online Store

Please note your mainboard will require a firmware update, we can loan you a firmware update disk against a refundable deposit

Please Contact US with your requirements for further information


*Please note Naomi mainbords require a NET version DIMM unit, the firmware update will not work on older DIMM units
**Tri-Force NAND based games will require your mainboard to be replaced with a type 3 version